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Let’s Move! Active Schools - Resources for Public Health

Let’s Move! Active Schools is a national program that promotes active students by encouraging schools to focus on five key areas:

  1. Physical Education - Learn how to build physical education programs that are inclusive, effective, and engaging.
  2. Physical Activity During School - Explore creative solutions for classroom-based physical activity that enhance existing lesson plans.
  3. Physical Activity Before and After School - Access programming guides and toolkits for successful before and after school programs.
  4. Staff Involvement - Find out how staff can effectively advocate for physical activity, from program planning to day-to-day details.
  5. Family and Community Engagement - Learn what steps you can take to make your school your community’s center for physical activity.

On the surface it's all about schools - but there are opportunities for public health professionals too. There is a range of Active Schools, Let's Move! materials online that would be useful in a community center, health clinic or other environment to help promote activity with clients and patients:

  • Physical Education
  • Physical Activity During School
  • Physical Activity Before & After School
  • Staff Involvement
  • Community & Family Engagement

There is some grant funding available, although it is primarily focused on funding K12 schools – but it encourages community involvement. So it might be a great opportunity for you to connect with folks in your local schools. You could start by connecting with the school food service workers or local FACS teachers. Part of the mission in the Active Schools, Let's Move! program is to spread the word and that may mean support for your community health programs!

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