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If Life is a Bowl of Cherries...

Back to all things happen for a reason from my last blog.  And...from Erma Bombeck,  "If life is a bowl of cherries, what am I doing in the pits?"  Ha, you didn't know this is a continuing saga did you?

I decided to work part time this year for a mental "break".  It has been going very well as far as a break goes but two days before Melanie called me about blogging my husband's career was downsized.  Now I'm not getting rich from this great writing experience but it sure did fall into place at the right time for me as I was feeling real guilt for "selfishly" going part time.  Sometimes us women folk think we can fix and do everything but predicting the future didn't work out for me this school year. 

The good thing about being a FACS professional is that we have a great back ground to get through the tough stuff and the resources that we have to share in our education are what really counts for many of our students futures.

Learning ZonExpress has always been a great resource and Melanie has been smart enough to take others skills and help them develop professional materials for all of us to use.  One of my favorites is AAFCS's 2009 teacher of the year curriculum on food science.  Susan made food a science and that is great for our profession by keeping it academic and bringing back the basics of the foods core.  I hope that you have checked this resource out and maybe considered adding a new class or even teaming up with the Chemistry department in your school.  You do know those science guys and gals sneak those food science experiments in their curriculum all of the time anyway.... :-)  Suckers, Bubble gum, etc.

Happy Teaching,  Jane

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