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Looking to hire or be hired? Here are some great FACS interview questions.

promoting-facs-guideFew career outlooks are as bright as FACS right now. It's an exciting time to be hiring for (or hired by) a school for the Family and Consumer Science department. To help the school and the candidates, we are excited to share questions prepared by Maxine Peterson, the Family and Consumer Science Teacher at Centennial High School and FCCLA Advisor.

FACS Interview Questions

  1. Tell us about or describe any training, positions, and/or experiences you have had that would qualify you for this position?
  2.  What area/s do you consider to be your greatest strength in the FACS program? What areas do you feel you need to improve?
  3.  What kind of interventions and accommodations would you make for a failing student to ensure that they would pass your class?
  4. What sort of assessments, both formal and informal do you view as being important indicators of successful performance for students learning in your content area?
  5. How do you meet the variety of student learning styles , as well as the slow learner, or special education student and the advance learner within the same class?
  6. The Centennial FACS department is recognized as one of the top FACS programs in the state. Being that our department has five teachers who all contribute to the strength of our program in different ways, what do you envision your contribution to our program as a whole would be?
  7. We teach on an 80 minute block schedule. Pick any area of FACS and a unit within that area. What kind of teaching strategies and best practice strategies would you use in that 80 minute block?
  8. Give us an example of an effective classroom management technique you use to maintain an effective classroom environment and what rules do you have to maintain that effective classroom? In what ways do you keep students on task and well behaved during collaborative group activities?
  9. If a parent came into conferences and said to you “ I didn’t want my son to take this course because he is going to college”. How would you respond?
  10. You give an assignment. A student ridicules the assignment, saying it is busy work. What would you say and do?
  11. What do you consider to be major issues facing FACS program?
  12. Do you belong to any professional organizations? Have you attended any professional conferences in the last year? Have you ever been an FCCLA advisor or taken on other extracurricular activities?
  13. If I walked into your classroom, what would I see?
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