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LZX Learning Tool- MyPlate Dietary Guidelines PowerPoint

I just finished previewing this great PowerPoint presentation from Learning ZoneXpress. The PowerPoint has eye catching photography and is very informative without being overwhelming. It goes through each section of the USDA MyPlate icon and gives tips related to that part of the plate.  It then walks through each of the dietary guidelines.

I believe this presentation would be a wonderful way to introduce your students to MyPlate and the Dietary Guidelines using technology. The presentation would be perfect for middle school students to adults.

One other super attribute is that, provided you have the correct programs, you can download the PowerPoint onto your computer. You can then add, rearrange, or delete slides if you desire. Another excellent feature is the PowerPoint comes with presenter notes. I highly recommend this for your classroom.

The MyPlate Dietary Guidelines PowerPoint Presentation is $49.95 at Learning ZoneXpress and is item #710014.

Below are a couple sample slides from this presentation. Click to enlarge.




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