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LZX Partner Blue Zones on CBS This Morning

live longer betterCBS This Morning: Saturday interviewed Dan Buettner on the secrets and research behind Blue Zones – geographic areas where people live the longest. Dan discusses the importance of the Power 9 and how these ideals are being implemented into our Blue Zone project areas.

Learning ZoneXpress has been in partnership with the Blue Zone project

Learning ZoneXpress (LZX), a leading source of award-winning nutrition education tools, is excited to announce its partnership with Blue Zones, an organization founded by researcher, explorer, New York Times bestselling author and National Geographic Fellow Dan Buettner, that aims to help people live longer, happier and healthier lives. Learning ZoneXpress will be a licensing partner with Blue Zones and will develop educational content under the Blue Zones brand.

The first product under the partnership is a Blue Zones Centenarian Poster Set highlighting the four levels of the Blue Zones Power 9® pyramid. Power 9 explores the common denominators among regions with the highest proportion of people to reach 100 years old (known as Blue Zones). The Power 9 posters and other materials will be used in senior centers, assisted living facilities, public health agencies and eventually schools, with the messages adapted to be geared toward children.

The four levels of the Power 9 pyramid include:

1.    Move Naturally – Walk, garden, or take the stairs.
2.    Right Outlook – Know your purpose and develop stress reducing habits.
3.    Eat Wisely – Eat a nutrient-rich, plant-based diet and try using a smaller plate.
4.    Connect –Keep family first and belong to positive social circles.

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