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Are we making anything in class today?

"Are we making anything in class today?"

As a seasoned FCS teacher, I know that when my students come into class asking this question, they are really asking, “Do I get to eat anything today?” While it is a very important question for a teenager, it is also important for students to know to speak and address others with respect. When a student comes into class asking me this question, I respond with a pleasant smile and voice and say, “Well, hello to you too.” They get that. The student will then smile, greet me and THEN ask if we are making anything in class today. It takes just a few moments in a very busy day to respond in a way that teaches students about manners and getting along with others.

On the days that we are cooking, I respond, “Good news!” and tell them what we will be making. If there isn’t any food in class that day, I respond, “Next class!” and let them know what is coming up. Either way, the word will spread like wildfire as other students enter the classroom. On occasion, I'll respond with a “You sound hungry, did you eat breakfast this morning?” If they didn't, this usually results in a good conversation about why. It also gives me an opportunity to problem solve with the student and think of ways they can insure they eat a good breakfast.

One other way I would handle the food question is to list the labs for the week on the board.

What are some ways you respond to or deal with some of the questions that students have in your foods class?

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