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March is Nutrition Month – Celebrate & Inform with Handy Tri-Fold Brochures

It’s not too early to be thinking about celebrating Nutrition Month in March. It’s a great excuse for spreading the word about good nutrition choices. In honor of our Nutrition Month, Learning ZoneXpress has recently unveiled a series of tri-fold brochures that are great for educating families, parents and students. The brochures are colorful, high quality pamphlets on a range of topics:

  • Breakfast Basics (Lo Esencial del Desayuno) Spanish Tri-fold Brochure - The breakfast pamphlet explains (in Spanish) the benefits of breakfast, what nutrients to include at breakfast time, quick breakfasts that take little time to prepare, and a listing of easy foods to grab for breakfast on the go.
  • Eating Well With MyPlate (Comer Bien con MiPlato) Spanish Tri-fold Brochures - This informational MyPlate nutrition pamphlet explains (in Spanish) the symbolism of the MyPlate icon, how to build a healthy plate, tips for portion size, how to get a personalized calorie plan, the importance of physical activity, and foods to reduce.
  • Handy Portions Tri-fold Brochure - The Handy Portion Tri-fold Brochure is practical guide to navigating portion sizes at meal times by using your hands to help measure and estimate portion sizes. This educational nutrition brochure features 1 cup and 1/2 cup portions of healthy food choices photographed in real hands.
  • MyPlate On a Budget Tri-fold Brochures - The MyPlate nutrition pamphlet explains a variety of tips to purchasing nutrient-rich foods, affordable MyPlate meal ideas, strategies for cooking at home, and more. This educational nutrition brochure helps identify ways to purchase and prepare healthful, nutritious foods on a budget.
  • Shake the Salt Habit Tri-fold Brochure - The educational salt pamphlet explains the sources of sodium in our diets, common high sodium foods, how to read food labels, and tips to reduce sodium intake. This educational nutrition brochure helps promote nutrition and health through basic information and practical advice that helps explain how to reduce your daily sodium intake and be aware of high sodium foods.
  • Sugar Shockers Tri-fold Brochure - The sugar nutrition pamphlet explains the difference between natural sugars and added sugars, common names for sugar on ingredient lists, and ways to eat less sugar. The unique info graphics visually communicate to readers the amount of sugar the portions depicted contains.

All of the brochures are part of our A Healthy Habit™ series of tri-fold brochures that are easy-to-read nutrition education resources for the doctor’s office, healthcare clinic, classroom, or workplace.

Oh and in case you don’t have a way to display the brochures, we also brochure (collateral/literature) holders both a 1 Pocket Literature Holder (which is great for a waiting room) and 4 Pocket Literature Holder version (which is great for a trade show display).

tri-fold Breakfast Basics SpanishTri-fold Brochure tri-fold Eating Well With MyPlate SpanishTri-fold Brochure tri-fold Handy Portions Tri-fold Brochure tri-fold MyPlate On a Budget Tri-fold Brochures tri-fold Shake the Salt Habit Tri-fold Brochure tri-fold Sugar Shockers Tri-fold Brochure

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