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Math and Nutrition Activities

The last time I wrote, I spoke about electives reinforcing the core subjects.  I know that I see many students struggle with math concepts and sometimes ,when I just mention ratio, fractions or scale, the eyes of my students start glazing over. 

LZX has so many resources that can help us teach, one of them is “Math Activities in Nutrition”.  This book has 50 lessons for you to use in class throughout your course to keep students aware of math and in the front of their minds. 

One outside activity that my co-workers and I have used to help understand the measurement concept is a relay race.  If you want to create a loud crazy environment while learning hands-on measurement concepts try this activity.  This was created by Katie Feuerhelm, now teaching in New Richmond, WI.  Each of the kitchen’s need a bowl of rice (used for all dry ingredients) and a pitcher of water (used for all liquid ingredients).  Each kitchen also has a set of dry measure cups and liquid measuring cups.  The teacher yells out a measurement such as ¾ cup corn syrup, 4 T peanut butter, 1 cup milk, 1 t vanilla……

The students must show us the most efficient method of measurement with the correct type of measuring tool.  They rotate the supplies around the table so that each lab member has several turns at the game and the competition begins. 

As you know from experience the more boys you have in the classroom the more competitive the relay gets.  Real active learning that might make the administrator walking by your room wonder what is taking place.

Happy racing,


UPDATE: Congratulations to Katie Feuerhelm for helping students to receive their assistant child care teacher certification! Way to keep FACS Alive!

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