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Mediterranean MyPlate

mediterranean posterHave you read the latest good news about the Mediterranean Diet? It works. It doesn’t help you lose weight. It was tested with folks in high risk categories so we’re not sure of the impact on everyone. But it reduced strokes, heart attacks and death in a recent scientific test (and reported in The New York Times).

So what is the Mediterranean Diet?

The Mediterranean Diet promotes olive oil, nuts, beans, fish, fruits and vegetables. And for folks who like to drink, it even promotes wine! The diet restricts commercially made cookies, cakes and pastries and limits dairy products and processed meats.

And how does this fit in with MyPlate?

It fits in well actually! MyPlate promotes fruit, vegetables, grains, lean proteins and some dairy. The USDA even has a guideline of suggested oil intake, which ranges from 3-6 teaspoons based on age and gender.

So next time you’re planning a menu, think about the Mediterranean MyPlate. At Learning ZoneXpress, we’re pleased to report that we’ve been fans of the Mediterranean diet for a while now. In fact we have a colorful poster that promotes and explains the Mediterranean Diet. It’s a great addition to a lunchroom, classroom, staff room – even a Mediterranean Restaurant!

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