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Minneapolis - St. Paul named nation's "Fittest City"

Healthy Eating Poster from Learning ZoneXpressWhen it comes to the nation’s fittest cities, the Minneapolis- St. Paul area is at the top of the list. The city and its residents have decided to rise to the challenge and make the commitment to healthier lifestyles. Here are some reasons why the Twin Cities made the number one spot overall.

Increase in Farmers Markets- Currently Minnesota has established over 70 farmers markets throughout the entire state. A handful of those are located in the Twin Cities area. Not only is shopping at a farmers market a good way to support your community, but it is also a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. These markets offer customers fresh food at an affordable price. It is a great way to fill your home with food that is good for you. To learn more, visit the Minnesota Farmers’ Market Association.

Increase in Parks and Recreational Activities- Even in extreme weather, residents in this area find time to stay active. People looking to exercise during the cold, winter months can easily stay in shape with the many indoor gyms the Twin Cities offers. Another great option is the park system that Minneapolis- St. Paul has. The entire Twin Cities metro area has over 50 park systems, which in total have over 38 trails that span 231 miles. The Twin Cities also has great initiatives like the Nice Ride bike share system. This nonprofit organization allows a person to use a bike when needed, and then return it at any one of their stations all at an affordable price. All of these are great ways residents of this area maintain a high quality of life.

Increase in Overall Health- As well as the high percentage of people engaging in physical activities, residents in the metro area are staying healthy. One of the biggest factors going into the “Nations Fittest City” title is the overall health of the residents. It was found that residents in the area had moderate to low rates of chronic health problems. Health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, asthma, and heart disease were at a low rate in the area. This area also has an all time low percentage of people who smoke.

Residents in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area have been taking the right steps when it comes to staying fit. The area has provided people with many resources in order to maintain healthy lifestyles. As the city continues to move forward in the fight for wellness amongst its entire population, hopefully other cities implement similar initiatives and follow in our footsteps.

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