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Less is More!

Times are tough right now and those of us that remember the "good old days" really need to teach our students how to thrive in an economic crunch. It’s an important lesson to teach our students how and when to make certain sacrifices in the face of difficulty. And it isn’t as easy as saying, “Deal with it, I had to!”

FACS teachers can help by having strong curricula in consumerism, finance, food budgeting, nutrition planning, family dynamics, and recycling clothes.
What are some of the back-to-basics things you teach that are helping kids through tough emotional and financial times?

Please share your stories! 


3 thoughts on “Less is More!”

  • Tammy (Healthy Kids Challenge)

    I read your blog all the time, and while our organization is not directly teaching FACS, we are closely connected. Just wanted to ask if you read the NY Times article yesterday on home ec. Can you share your response in a blog post? I think it's a great article but wondering what a FACS teacher thinks. Thanks!

    • LZX Team

      Thank you Tammy! Here are our corresponding blog posts:

  • SUe

    I agree Jane, Our students deserve our best teaching to help them with the huge transition from having more to having less to provide more.
    I applaud all FACS teachers as that has always been our purpose.
    To teach and help students learn the important life skills needed in any economy.

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