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Movie Monday: 54321 Countdown to Health

54321 Countdown to Health

Learning ZoneXpress has created a series of products that promote healthy choices through numbers with 54321+10 for kids. Here's the "equation"...

5 -- servings of fruits or vegetables
4 -- glasses of water
3 - good laughs
2 -- hours or less of screen time (TV/computer)
1 -- hour of physical activity
10 -- hours of sleep

We think it's an easy way to keep health in mind and track healthy progress. The numbers are guidelines or descriptions-- not strict prescriptions -- but especially for kids, it's nice to have some tangible benchmarks to help get to your health goal.

Again, we have a series of education materials based on 54321+10 -- the Live 54321 + 10 Activity Books Classroom Count Down set have been especially popular. The set includes 36 copies of each of the activity books in the series, including:
• Live 54321+10® Fruit and Veggies Activity Books
• 54321+10® Water Activity Books
• Live 54321+10® Good Laughs Activity Books
• Live 54321+10® Screen Time Activity Books
• Live 54321+10® Physical Activity Activity Books
• Live 54321+10® Sleep Activity Books

Find them on the Learning ZoneXpress website.

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