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Movie Monday: Smart Nutrition

This week, we thought we would focus on teenagers. This time of our lives is both exciting and confusing. So many choices. Even decisions like what to eat and what not to eat can prove difficult and overwhelming.

In Smart Nutrition, host Wes Halula and two teenagers break through the clutter and confusion with facts about breakfast, portion size, physical activity, the importance of fruits and vegetables, significant nutrients, late night snacking and more. They offer tips to help teenagers make the right decisions about their health and wellness. They present it in a fun and interesting way keeping the audience entertained.

It's important to communicate these messages to teens early, because the choices they make now can affect their adult life. We want to cut bad habits early and pick up good ones.

In this teaser clip, Wes explains three important vitamins and minerals for teens.  Calcium, Iron, and Vitamin D. Although this video is intended for a teenage audience, I think we can all learn a little something from it.



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