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Movie Monday: It's Your Money Banner Posters

It's Your Money Banner Posters

we at Learning ZoneXpress think it's so important to teach students the basics. And it's why we've developed "It's Your Money Banner and Poster" series.

The posters are designed to speak to high school students from Freshman to Seniors. The set includes 8 laminated posters that address topics such as...

1. Investing money,
2. Balancing a checkbook,
3. Managing debt,
4. Understanding a paycheck
5. Budgeting
6. Personal debt
7. Balancing time and money

The intent of the posters is to get students to ask the right question when it comes to personal finance. To spur an interest in money management -- starting with the part time jobs they have or the post-high school plans they are considering.

We recently had a customer tell us why she likes using the posters in her classroom...

I am currently teaching the financial unit in my Teen Living class and have just put up the "It's Your Money" banner posters -- they are great! I also really like the size of them. They are easier to use than some of the larger posters in my classroom which has limited space for posters. These fit great on the doors of my storage cupboards. Thanks again for the great resources you have for FACS teachers!

You can find the posters on the Learning ZoneXpress website.

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