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Movie Monday: School Breakfast Benefits stickers.

Learning ZoneXpress has a wide range of learning materials that speak to the importance of breakfast. Well and the importance of a healthy breakfast -- as adults, teachers, public health care workers, we understand the difference between a balanced MyPlate breakfast that features fruit and vegetables, whole grains and protein and a quick bite of yesterday's pizza. We have materials that help kids recognize the difference too.

We've also worked on incentives that will help make younger kids feel good about having a healthy school breakfast -- with our set of School Breakfast Benefits stickers. The stickers carry one of four messages:

  • Achieve More with School Breakfast
  • Power Up with School Breakfast
  • Test Your Best with School Breakfast
  • Wake Up to School Breakfast

The stickers come 200 to a roll. And while they are designed for early grade school and elementary age students -- we've found that all students enjoy them.

In the short term it simply provides an added incentive to enjoy breakfast -- something fun to bring the students into the school lunch room early for a healthy breakfast. In the long term, to help students recognize the actual benefits of a healthy breakfast.

We have found that many school cafeterias have added these stickers to their new school breakfast standards plans. The school starts with a letter home to students describing the benefits of school breakfast -- aimed at the parents. They include colorful poster or other messages in the school lunch rooms and seal the deal with these color stickers. That way the messages get to both students and parents.

Check out the stickers for yourself!

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