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Movie Monday: What's the best tips for staying healthy at a fast food restaurant?

What's the best tips for staying healthy at a fast food restaurant?

Learning ZoneXpress has developed the Tips to Eating Healthy Fast Food Handout with busy families in mind -- because as well as being educators and nutritionists, we are parents. We know that sometimes we work late or hockey practice starts early or homework at the library takes longer than expected and on those nights we do the best we can with fast food.

The Tips to Eating Healthy Fast Food Handout highlights common fast food choices along with charts of comparative nutrition information to help you make informed food choices. Tips include choosing nutrient-rich drinks, watching portion size on fries, sensible sides, grilled vs. fried and more.

For example did you know there was a difference of 160 calories between some sauce options? A serving of mustard is 5 calories -- the same serving of special sauce? 165 calories. It pays to know the difference!

Handouts are available in tablets of sheets. They are double-sided with English on one side and Spanish on the other. We also have an accompanying poster that's available. They are perfect for waiting rooms, doctor's office, school setting -- even at playgrounds and community centers -- anywhere busy families travel!

Find it on the Learning ZoneXpress website:

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