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MyPlate is College-Bound

Since the USDA announced the new dietary guidelines and corresponding icon early this summer, we've become fast and close friends with MyPlate. The burgeoning rise of interest has been, quite frankly, beyond our imagination! It's truly exciting as the call for Americans to eat healthy, control portion sizes and include more physical activity gains popularity. At LZX, we've spent the summer getting the message out and I'm pretty sure our graphics department was over-heating with their efforts - I may have seen a little steam rise off their desks.

The great news is that all the efforts are paying off. More and more people, teachers, kids, and organizations are including MyPlate in their offerings. This means more people have access to how to become healthy! Recently, we've had requests from authors of college-age textbooks to include our MyPlate image in their books.


Our MyPlate image will be used in Personal Nutrition by authors Boyle/Long and in Nutrition Sciences: From Fundamentals to Food by authors McGuire/Beerman. Both textbooks will be published in January 2012. The publishers liked our images because "all the information is so succinctly laid out".

I'm just happy to be part of the team, bringing great MyPlate messages to all ages!

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