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MyPlate on a Budget – Bloggers Report

We’ve just run across a fun series called My Plate on a Budget. Two health-focused bloggers (Jenny Bardsley of Teaching My Baby to Read and Rose McAvoy of Our Lady of Second Helpings) are striving to stick to a budget and stick to MyPlate standards during the month of March.

They are using the USDA website for Cost of Food at Home to see how easy or difficult it is to be cost and health aware at the same time. Jenny Bardsley appears to be the one taking it to the street while Rose McAvoy offers comments and perspective.

Bardsley’s posts are entertaining and helpful. Her posts remind me of Barbara Ehrenreich’s Nickel and Dimed, where as an undercover journalist she writes about trying to get by on low income jobs. Bardley’s pursuit of health is more successful than I remember Ehrenreich’s work.

There are some interesting observations. For example, life on a budget means a much less full fridge at the end of the week and sometimes the food you can afford isn’t part of the recipe but it gets used anyways.

There are some good tips – such as planting basil for a tasty and affordable solution to store-bought basil, which can be very expensive. This is a tip I at least enjoy every summer, so I’m glad to see others enjoy it too.

How is the heath stacking up? Well, you’ll have to check out her blog for the details but it’s stacking. As anyone who feeds kids knows, they don’t like everything. But it turns out that they do like some surprising things – like Cauliflower Indian Stew! And interesting note is how hungry the author is feeling – and as she points out…

For the past two weeks I’ve followed the Thrifty budget.  I’ve fed my family healthy, nutritious, Choose MyPlate following meals.  But I’m not feeling particularly well-fed myself.

This makes me think about all of the moms out there who might not be feeding themselves properly due to cost. 

We’re eager to continue watching to see how MyPlate on a Budget pans out!

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