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National Physical Fitness & Sports Month - LZX Team Feature: Joyce

Today's post is all about Learning ZoneXpress CEO, Joyce. Joyce is extremely active and great at encouraging and inspiring the team to get outside, try something new and have fun.  Here are some of her memories and thoughts on physical activity. Enjoy!

What was your favorite sport/activity as a kid and why?

As a kid my favorite sport was softball, because it was the only sport available.  I was born in the 1950’s so title 9 had not yet occurred and there were no women’s sports yet in our school.  Softball at that time was a 4-H or community activity.

What is your favorite sport/activity as an adult and why?

My favorite sport as an adult is Cross Country skiing.  It is a favorite because of the beauty, the solitude and the fact that it is something that is very gentle for us old folks to do. But I have to say I also love hiking, biking and this summer running is beginning to be fun too.  Maybe I’m fickle. My favorite is whatever is in season.  I am training for Grandma’s marathon this summer, it will be my first marathon.

Tell us your favorite sports/physical activity memory.

My favorite memory is not something that I did but rather my high school daughter being able to compete in a cross country meet after a significant surgery.  She was not fast or a contender to place but just the fact that she could participate after her surgery was monumental.

What are your thoughts on the importance of physical activity and sports? 

I think physical activity improves the quality of life, challenges of exertion are rewarding, and being in the out of doors is gratifying.  Physical activities also bring with them the comradery of peers and belonging, contributing to greater quality of life.   Not to mention as I age, continuing to move and being able to be agile is helpful.

What an inspiration! Joyce's positive attitude and energy can't help but make you want to get up and get moving. We're excited to cheer her on in June as she runs her first marathon!


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