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National Physical Fitness & Sports Month – LZX Team Feature: Linnea

We continue our coverage of National Physical Fitness & Sports Month with Linnea! Linnea is our Learning ZoneXpress project manager, product manager, content expert - the list could go on and on. She's passionate about nutrition and activity, and we all learn so much from her every day.

Learn more about this great gal in the post below!

Learning ZoneXpress Linnea riding bike at 6 years old 6-year old Linnea riding her bike without training wheels!

What was your favorite sport/activity as a kid and why?

Honestly, I didn’t really like organized sports very much as a kid, mostly because my family moved quite a bit and so team-based sports were hard to commit to. We did a lot of family bike rides on old railroad bed trails when we were younger. I remember being so proud to say I’d rode my bike 20, 30, even 40 miles!

As for organized sports, I took swimming lessons as a kid and in third grade I desperately wanted to take dance lessons. My parents allowed me to take those dance lessons, but only if I also took tae kwon do. So I learned tap, jazz, and ballet as I learned to break boards with my feet. Balance! 

What is your favorite sport/activity as an adult and why?

Cycling, hands down. It’s become such a versatile sport and one that you can do year-round, even in the snowy Minnesota winters. In the summer, I ride my road bike. In the spring and fall, I like to switch over to riding gravel, especially when the sun is low in the sky (it’s safer on roads with little to no traffic). Winter is time to break out the fat bike and ride single-track mountain bike trails and if it’s too cold, ride inside on a trainer.

Linnea competing in the Almanzo 100 bike race. Linnea competing in the Almanzo 100 bike race.

Tell us your favorite sports/physical activity memory.

Too many, but probably completing my first “century” (100 mile bike ride) or my first gravel “race”, the Almanzo 100, which is also a century and is much, much harder than riding 100 miles on the road. That was the first time I’d ever finished faster than my dad in any sort of athletic event—and I beat him by 45 minutes!

What are your thoughts on the importance of physical activity and sports?

Physical activity is important to me because it’s my “me time." When I go for a bike ride, run, or even just a hike at the state park with my dog, it’s my time to think and clear my mind. I always say I get my best ideas on my bike. Plus, physical activity is my social outlet. Most of the friends I’ve made as an adult have come through group rides and my cycling team—all people I probably wouldn’t know if I weren’t riding my bike—and because of those friendships it keeps me motivated to ride.

Great stories and photos from Linnea! Stay tuned for more featured LZX team members.


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