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National Physical Fitness & Sports Month – LZX Team Feature: Naomi

Today's post comes from Naomi. Naomi is one of the graphic designers here at Learning ZoneXpress. She's extremely creative and helps bring our nutrition education resources to life with beautiful color and engaging design. Here's what Naomi has to share about sports and activities both in her childhood and as an adult.

What was your favorite sport/activity as a kid and why?

Naomi riding at 16 yrs Naomi riding at 16 years old.

As I kid, I absolutely loved playing soccer. You ran and didn’t even really think about all the running you were doing! Just going after that wonderful ball!

I also did a lot of riding when I was young, all the way through my 18th year. You don’t think there’s a lot of activity when you “just sit on a horse," but your entire body is at work whether moving with the horse or sitting their strides. Then you get into the care of the horse and that includes stall cleaning! The rewards though are wonderful. You have a friend for life, a companion. You learn empathy and definitely responsibility. Plus you get to ride!

What is your favorite sport/activity as an adult and why?

I am tied on this one. I love curling. It is such an engaging sport and excellent exercise - definitely for cardio! Anyone at any age can do it. My other favorite activity is pool aka billiards. Hand and eye coordination, precision and just really thinking about your approach to each ball. If you like geometry, this is a great sport/activity!

Naomi's son, Tyler, throwing a curling stone Naomi's son, Tyler, throwing a curling stone at a local curling clinic with Olympian, John Benton.

Tell us your favorite sports/physical activity memory.

My favorite memory is from this year winning as many matches as I did at the state pool tournament. Finally overcoming the mental aspect of the game. My other is with my son, finally getting him on the ice and teaching him how to throw 42lb stones!

What are your thoughts on the importance of physical activity and sports?

There are so many benefits to activity and sports. For starters it get’s you outside or out and interacting with other people, making friends too. Exercise is always healthy and there’s no better way to do something that you “should” do than making it something that you want to do.


Stay tuned for more National Physical Activity & Sports Month featuring Learning ZoneXpress team members.




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