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New FACS position: I’m so excited

Big news – big changes! In July, I helped at the Learning ZoneXpress exhibitor booth at the national FCCLA conference in Nashville. While there I realized how much I missed classroom teaching. So when I returned home I researched part time FACS job openings in my area (which were aplenty by the way). I found a good prospect but before applying for the position I contacted the building FACS teacher and the principal to learn more about their school. I asked them questions about the school climate, classroom size, the school schedule, the teacher schedule and challenges they face as a building. I KNOW that every school has its challenges, I had to determine if these were the challenges I wanted to face day in and day out.

Both the teacher and the principal were candid about the challenges, had positive attitudes and loved working in their building. The principal described the FACS program as hands-on, relevant and engaging; she mentioned that the FACS teachers worked hard to meet the needs of their students. Woo hoo! I could embrace this school and its challenges. When I interviewed for the position, I found the people I met to be truly friendly, caring and warm. This included the secretary in the front office, which I believe is HUGE tell-tale sign a school’s climate. I was impressed and pleased with the position. I was offered the job and here I am as a seasoned teacher, attending NEW teacher workshops in my new district. Lots of changes are happening and in the works.

How about you? As you anticipate and reflect on the start of a new school year, what changes and challenges are you facing? How will you be a positive change agent for your students? What changes can you make (and actually carry out) that will make your teaching experience more satisfying and less draining? Be emancipatory! What are your common state of affairs, what are your desired outcomes, and what are you going to do to get there? YOU can do this, YOU are the expert in change.

Whatever twists and turns you face this year, I wish you a wonderful and life changing (positive) school year for both you and your students!

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