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Next Week is Food Allergy Week May 10-16

Happy Food Allergy Action Month! We just wanted to send a heads up on Food Allergy Awareness Week, which is happening next week from May 10-16. You can learn more from the grandfathers of food allergy awareness ...


In 1998, the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network, now FARE, created Food Allergy Awareness Week to educate the public about food allergies, a potentially life-threatening medical condition. This year's awareness week falls on May 10-16, 2015, but we will have activities and ways to get involved throughout the entire month of May for Food Allergy Action Month. This is a special opportunity to shine a spotlight on food allergies and anaphylaxis. There are many easy ways you can get involved in raising awareness, educating others and inspiring action.


Learning ZoneXpress has a number of nutrition educational materials to help you help others understand allergies:


food allergy brochureFood Allergies Tri-Fold Brochures

What you know about food allergies could potentially save a life from a severe reaction. The Food Allergies Tri-Fold Brochure includes an overview of important food allergy information including the eight most common food allergens, symptoms, treatment, and more.

The tri-fold brochures are an easy-to-read nutrition education resource for the doctor’s office, healthcare clinic, classroom, or workplace.

Price: $16.95


food allergiesFood Allergies DVD

What is the difference between a food allergy and a food sensitivity? Why do some schools have peanut-free zones? What is Celiac disease? Are some people sensitive to food dyes? Join in on a discussion of food issues with an allergy expert as well as real people who live with food sensitivities and life-threatening food allergies every day. Learn the steps you can take whether you have an allergy, work with food, or know someone with an allergy. A little knowledge can prevent some big problems.

Closed Captioned

Price: $49.95

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