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  • Should the Choice Be Theirs?

    When I was teaching middle school, teachers would be assigned lunch duty. Our job was to be an authoritative presence in the cafeteria, make sure that kids were calm and orderly, etc.  Our job was NOT to make sure that they ate a proper lunch. I knew that my pleading that they choose something substantial and nutritious from the lunch line fell largely on deaf ears. But what drove me nuts, more than anything, was to see a 6th grade girl sit down at a table and eat nothing but a Snickers bar and a diet soda. Seriously? And you...

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  • Family Table War-Zone: Time for a Truce

    The following blog post was written by guest contributor, Katja Rowell. Katja Rowell M.D is a family doctor, mom, and childhood feeding specialist and founder of The Feeding Doctor. She consults with parents to help raise children who are healthy and happy and feel good about food and their bodies.  Parents understand how important family meals are, but as one mom said, “We go to the trouble of getting everyone to the table, but it’s forty-five minutes of hostage negotiations!” The good news is, to bring peace back to the table, parents get to work less, and enjoy their children...

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  • Foods To Have More Of

    It is official. We've passed the mark. That date far enough into the New Year when we know if our resolutions stuck or slipped through our grasp like wisps of fog on a cold winter’s morning. If you are in the first category, one of the few, with a deeply ingrained new and healthful habit-kudos to you. If however, you somehow find yourself in the second category, one of the many, despairing over your inability to resist the snooze button in favor of your morning run, or wondering where the whole chocolate bar went after you were planning on just...

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  • Ode to Andy Rooney and Real Food

    Today I am channeling Andy Rooney. The curmudgeonly, judgmental, annoyed tone will likely come through. I am slapping on some fake, bushy eyebrows and typing. Here we go… Do you know what I hate? I hate fake food. Look at fake ice cream. I don’t know why anyone would want to eat low-fat, artificially sweetened ice cream. People buy it so they can eat more of it and not feel guilty – but why would you want to eat MORE of something that tastes worse? Give me a small portion of the real stuff any day over a bucket of...

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  • How to Get Your Kids to Try New Foods

    People tend to be hesitant, even fearful of new things – especially unfamiliar foods. The technical term for this is neophobia. “Phobia”, of course, means fear; while “neo” means new. Put these back together they mean fear of the new. Children tend to be naturally neophobic. However, if your child has turned his/her nose up at foods you have served do not get discouraged. It can take 15-20 exposures of a food to entice kids to try it and (hopefully) like it. Let’s take a look at how you can get your kids open to trying new foods. Get them...

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  • Stop the Bribery and Save Your Sanity

    If you are a parent, you might have heard your friend say something like, “I had to resort to bribery to get Sarah to eat her peas last night!” You might have even been the one to utter that sentence. But if you go online or open any parenting magazine, you will likely read experts telling you that bribery is NOT the way to go. I don’t always agree with the “experts,” but I am going to side with them on this. As someone that deals with small humans on a daily basis, I have found that when we use...

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  • Enjoy your food, but eat less.

    Let’s face it, Americans love to eat! I live in DuPage County in Illinois and trust me, we are not lacking when it comes to finding a place to eat out. Restaurants range from your typical fast food joint to an upscale sit-down bistro. Typically, when you go out to eat, the last thing you and the chef may be concerned with are portion sizes. Occasionally eating a mega burger, a jumbo fries and super-sized soda will not kill the waistline, but doing so on a daily basis will. Have no fear, you can eat your favorite foods, but just...

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  • Pick a Challenge. Any Challenge.

    I was reading my January issue of Shape magazine. January issues of any health/wellness magazines are always dedicated to new beginnings, creating healthy habits, fresh starts, and… the dreaded “R word” – resolutions. For a select few, making a huge, sweeping resolution at the beginning of the year might be productive. For most of us that is not the case. We end up faltering, throwing our hands up in disgust and reverting back to our old behaviors. I am sure if I looked I could find multiple statistics on the huge percentage of people that fail at their New Year’s...

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  • Be S.M.A.R.T. When Setting Goals

    Starting a new year is an ideal time to set goals to improve one’s health. Many people make the same goals each year – “I want to eat better.” “I want to lose weight.” “I want to exercise more.” The unfortunate part about these goals is that they quite vague and are hard to measure success. Ok, so what about these goals? – “I want to work out seven days a week for three hours each day.” “I will only eat 500 calories a day to lose my excess 50 pounds.” Yes, these goals are more specific, but are they...

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  • 2nd Annual Review Contest- Enter for a chance to win a $100 gift certificate!

    It’s our second annual LearningZoneXpress Reviewer Drawing! We hope you will join in on the fun for a chance to win a $100 gift certificate! Post a review on our Facebook page of a Learning ZoneXpress (LZX) product and qualify to win a $100 gift certificate. Reviews must be posted before January 13th, 2012; the winner will be announced the following week. How do I do it? • Write your review – must be between 200-400 characters (Facebook limits wall posts to 420 characters) • Please include the full name of the product so that we can add a link...

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