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Offer kids vegetables and many will eat vegetables

Farm to School Poster for Kids: Barnyardhe Daily Yonder published some good news and some challenges this week…

Kids who have access to more fruits and vegetables at school do tend to eat more of those healthy foods. There’s some indication that the new school-lunch standards will contribute to better student nutrition. But there are still a lot of children who wouldn’t touch a green or orange vegetable with a 10-foot spork.

The study used 2005 data on student consumption. Researchers found that students at schools that already met the 2010 school-lunch guidelines (years before they were enacted) ate more fruits and vegetables. That’s an indication that the 2010 legislation is going to help student nutrition. But a lot of students who had the chance to eat more vegetables didn’t.

Conclusion: Offering the healthy foods alone may not be enough to change students’ eating behavior.

At Learning ZoneXpress, we’d maintain that nutrition education and not-so-subtle approaches such as colorful posters that celebrate fruits and vegetables might help encourage those kids who are holding out on better eating!

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