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Organizational Strategies to Help Students Turn in Their Work

5-minute-time-management-study-skills-activitiesWhy don’t students turn in assignments? Aaargh – so frustrating to me and to them. To help students turn in the work, I have implemented a few strategies to help students turn and receive full credit for their class work.

  • Have a designated place in the classroom where all assignments are turned in. Clearly label the it with the specific class.
  • Have students exchange papers with a buddy to check over each other’s work to make sure the assignment is complete and correct. They can give their buddy advice on what needs to be done before turning in the work.
  • Have a designated student in each row of desks or at each table physically collect the papers from each student and place them in the designated place.
  • Correct papers as soon as you can and get them entered on your school’s online grade book. Doing so helps students and their parents to stay on top of missing assignments. Place the corrected papers in a hanging file with a file for each class. I also have one file that is labeled “No Name” and I write the class hour on the paper. The next time in class, I call the students who are missing the assignment to come up and see me. I show them a copy of the assignment and tell them I am missing that assignment from them. Most of them will bring it to me immediately.
  • In my grade book, I highlight missing assignments with a yellow highlighter. Once I have the late assignment from the student, I enter the score, enter it on-line and then mark it with an orange highlighter. If a student was absent the day we turned in the assignment, I put a little “ab” in my grade book, so I know there is no late penalty. (Which I KNOW is a whole other discussion!)
  • I hand back the assignment to the students AFTER I have given the late students the chance to turn in the work. This helps to avoid cheating.
  • Make class handouts a different color, so it is easier for students to locate.
  • Have students keep one pocket folder with the word “Homework” written on the outside. The left inside pocket can be labeled “To Do” and the right inside pocket, “Done.” Students can place all of their homework in each place each day.
  • If your school has students planners, have the students try the following strategy: enter the homework in the planner on the day that it is due. Once they complete the homework, the place a check in front of the assignment, and once they turn in the assignment, they cross the assignment off.
  • Write homework assignments on the board with the due date. Leave the notice on the board until the assignment is collected.

I hope these strategies are helpful to you and in the learning success of your students. I have found over the years of teaching, that the grade doesn’t always reflect how smart the student is, but really how organized they are. By helping your students learn these organizational strategies and practicing them in your classroom, you are helping your students to achieve life-long success!

Please feel free to respond with some strategies you have developed that help students to complete and turn in their work. Let’s all learn from each other!

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