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Our Posters on Disney's Ant Farm Show

Disney has a new upcoming show called "Ant Farm" (accelerated natural talent) and has contacted Learning ZoneXpress for permission to incorporate our posters into their set design. How fun! It gives our company a charge each time we get a chance to expose our health and nutrition messages on the tv screen.

You might be surprised how often we get these requests. About once a month, we are contacted by a movie or tv program to get a release from us. We are pretty easy going about having our posters on screen, our main requirement being that the show is not x-rated! From there, its hurry up and wait - it can be up to a year before we actually get to see the posters hanging on a tv or movie set wall. Most recently, we saw several of our posters in the cafeteria of the show Glee.

For Disney's Ant Farm, the requested Learning ZoneXpress posters are Color Power and 50 Ways: Physical Activity Poster. We hope you join us in watching for these when the show airs - kind of a "Where's Waldo" effect - "Where's the LZE Poster?".

Color Power Poster on Disney Set

50 Ways Physical Activity Poster soon to be seen on Disney's Ant Farm

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