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Physical Activity

  • May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month!

    Learning ZoneXpress is supporting the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition in honor of National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. During the month of May, we challenge everyone to get the recommended physical activity guidelines for children and adults.

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  • Garden Heroes Get Active at Anderson Grove Elementary School!

    Kyle McMahon is in his 8th year of teaching Physical Education at Anderson Grove Elementary, part of Papillion La Vista Community Schools. His creative approach to physical activity and nutrition education is noteworthy, and we want to take this opportunity share some of his great work with you.

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  • 5 Summer Tips for Keeping Kids Active

    The beautiful summer weather has arrived and it is time to keep the kids (and you!) active and outside more this season. Keeping children active helps maintain a healthy weight, reduces risk of illness, grows an appreciation for the outdoors and provides them a great break from screen time. Here are a few tips to get the kiddos active. These tips can be applied both to parents and children as well as educators working with children. Create a list of activities together, a summer bucket list of sorts. Talk to them about what they would like to do outside this summer...

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  • Get Active by Trying a New Activity!

    As mentioned in an earlier post, trying a new activity is a great way to incorporate more activity into your life. It is also a great way to meet new people, create a new hobby and step outside your comfort zone. Here are a few summer activities or sports to try this summer.

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  • 5 Ways to Get Active This Summer

    The warm weather has finally arrived and is here to stay! Are you ready to make this a more active summer but wondering where to start? Or perhaps you work with clients or students feeling this way? Learning ZoneXpress is here to offer a few tips on how to become more active this summer. 1. Set a goal for your summer - Creating a goal for yourself will motivate you to work towards an outcome. Remember to make it a SMART goal. S-specific M-measurable A-attainable R-realistic T-timely (Aim for the goal to be accomplished by the end of the summer). An example goal could include...

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  • National Physical Fitness & Sports Month - LZX Team Feature: Joyce

    Today's post is all about Learning ZoneXpress CEO, Joyce. Joyce is extremely active and great at encouraging and inspiring the team to get outside, try something new and have fun. Here are some of her memories and thoughts on physical activity. Enjoy!

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  • National Physical Fitness & Sports Month - LZX Team Feature: Steve

    We continue our Physical Fitness & Sports Month features with Steve, our Chief Financial Officer. What was your favorite sport/activity as a kid and why? Ice skating.  There was an ice skating rink about a block away from my house behind the middle school, so I could go there anytime.  We also could go ice skating there during our noon hour break from school. What is your favorite sport/activity as an adult and why? Softball.  I think because we had a church team and then later had a company team. Tell us your favorite sports/physical activity memory. It’s not...

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  • National Physical Fitness & Sports Month – LZX Team Feature: Naomi

    Today's post comes from Naomi. Naomi is one of the graphic designers here at Learning ZoneXpress. She's extremely creative and helps bring our nutrition education resources to life with beautiful color and engaging design. Here's what Naomi has to share about sports and activities both in her childhood and as an adult.

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  • National Physical Fitness & Sports Month – LZX Team Feature: Linnea

    We continue our coverage of National Physical Fitness & Sports Month with Linnea! Linnea is our Learning ZoneXpress project manager, product manager, content expert - the list could go on and on. She's passionate about nutrition and activity, and we all learn so much from her every day. Learn more about this great gal in the post below!

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  • National Physical Fitness & Sports Month - LZX Team Feature: Michelle

    To continue our posts for National Physical Fitness & Sports Month, we're featuring another LZX employee's thoughts and stories on physical activity. Today's post is all about Michelle. Michelle is new to the LZX team, and we are thrilled to have her. She works in both our Customer Service and Shipping Departments and does a fantastic job. Here's what she has to say about sports and activity. Enjoy! What was your favorite sport/activity as a kid and why? I enjoyed playing softball and basketball growing up.  I grew up watching baseball and basketball with my dad.  I enjoy the...

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