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Pinterest - What's the Big Deal

I love social media. But even as someone who spends a ridiculous amount of time on the computer (both for work and for fun), I am sometimes overwhelmed at the amount of social media sites out there. Just when I think I have thoroughly investigated the most recent “hot site,” something else comes along. As my poor husband can attest, it can get to be a bit much.

A site that has been gaining popularity with both individuals and businesses in the past year or so is Pinterest. You may have heard about it. You may be on it. You may be addicted to it. If you have recently checked it out (or have yet to do so) and just don’t get what all the hype is about, allow me to give you the lowdown. Basically, Pinterest is a virtual cork board. Allowing you to “pin” anything you want, in categories (boards) you establish and organize. See something you like on a website? You can pin a picture/link to your boards. It is kind of like bookmarking something, but in a cooler, more organized way. Similar to Facebook or Twitter, you can follow people who pin things you consistently like, thereby having a steady stream of great ideas. People have boards for everything from fashion (pinning outfit ideas) to exercise (pinning exercise routines or motivational quotes) to home décor ideas. (Are you remodeling and need a place to keep track of all your ideas? Pinterest would be great for that.)

Alright, so what? Why do I need to be on Pinterest? I still don’t get it, is what you might be thinking, right? As more people join the Pinterest bandwagon, the number of boards dedicated to healthy eating and recipes is growing exponentially. I used to come across ideas for healthy and quick meals and, either tear them out of magazines, only to be shoved in a drawer and forgotten forever- or find something online, add it to my bookmark list, forget that it is there and never look at it again. Since I have gotten on Pinterest, I see something online (often on Pinterest) and add it to my “healthy meals” board. If I am running low on inspiration for something new to try, I can go to that board – or any number of other healthy meals boards - and find a plethora of recipes from which to choose. Everything is all in one place. Freeing up much needed drawer space.

Still not convinced? Check out the following boards for great ideas for healthy meals! (WARNING: Researching meals on Pinterest has been shown to make people very hungry.)




I also recommend visiting the Learning ZoneXpress Pinterest site at for healthy recipes, health inspiration and food art ideas.  There you will find 7 different boards with many creative and informative pins.

If you are already a Pinterest fan, share with us what your favorite healthy eating boards are!

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