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Professional Development from TeachSharp

I'm happy to introduce TeachSharp Professional Development Systems, a company that provides self-study, online modules for teachers. They have a strong focus on classes for FACS Teachers and have a wonderful sale going on for this summer. I'm looking forward to sending more FACS Resources your way!


Read more here:

Making summer plans?
Look to
TeachSharp online modules
for your professional development!
Convenient, self-study learning
Available 24/7 - any time and any place with Internet access

 8 or 10 clock hours per module
 Multi-media presentations, online resources, downloadable materials
 Guidelines for individual goal-setting, implementation, and portfolio documentation
 Free access for a full year after purchase
 Personalized Certificate of Completion

Module Titles . . .
• Family and Consumer Sciences in Programs of Study
Currently on sale 20% off
• The Power of PowerPoint (Using Microsoft version 2003 or 2007)
• Show Me the Money: Grant Writing Basics
• Personal Finance for Educators:  Planning and Money Management
• Brand Family and Consumer Sciences Education

Purchase online at

Questions?  Please contact

2 thoughts on “Professional Development from TeachSharp”

  • Judy

    Not sure this is the section of the blog to post on but I have a question about Ipads. Are any schools out there using them for FACS? We are going to be going "Ipad active" next year and I don't want to get left behind. Help me!!! I've played with one and find it a great toy (games, etc.) but am not getting the productivity capabilities.

  • Coleen Guhl

    Our school received a grant where all of the juniors and seniors will recieve IPAD's. I teach (to juniors and seniors) two classes; which are Foods and Nutrition and International Foods. I am excited to be using the IPAD's and have started to create several units where the students will use the IPAD for the entire assignment (with some apps that I found) or for part of the assignment. I am also going to be having the students video tape themselves when making a meal at home, creating flash cards of kitchen equipment, videos of me demonstrating cutting methods, cutting in, creaming, etc. The possibilities are endless you just need time to think of them and get them implementated.

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