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Reward kids for eating fruits and vegetables – it works

stickersWe know the benefits of the new school lunch standards. More fruits and vegetables keep our kids healthy, nourish their minds and develop a palate that will go on to crave healthy foods for life. We’re advocates. We love the idea. But in truth many of us are finding that kids are throwing out much of the fruit and veg they are required to take.

We don’t love that. We don’t want to see kids go hungry for nutrients. We don’t love to see the trash bins getting heavier. The Desert News reports…

While the new rules put an extra $5.4 million worth of fruits and vegetables a day on the menu for school kids, children have responded by throwing away about $3.8 million worth daily, found Brigham Young University associate professor of economics Joe Price and Cornell associate professor of behavioral economics David Just when they studied what was happening to consumption patterns.

A follow up from Brigham Young had some good news…

So they did a second study to test a solution: "Pay" students with small incentives to eat at least one fruit or vegetable helping. They wanted to test whether the strategy would eliminate waste and make kids more apt to eat healthful food. The researchers randomly assigned schools an incentive, such as a nickel, a quarter, or a raffle ticket that children could claim on each of five days — if they ate their fruit or vegetable.

Regardless of the prize, the results were similar in all 15 schools where they tested the incentives: Consumption jumped by 80 percent, and tossed fruits and veggies declined by 33 percent. Kids responded to the incentives.

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