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FACS Alive! is sponsored by Learning ZoneXpress. Melanie Nelson, the president and founder of LZX, is a passionate advocate of FACS and decided to create this blog site just for you. She envisioned a site for you to learn, to share and to keep FACS Alive!

As a former FACS teacher, Melanie has an insider's view of the profession. She has used that knowledge to launch a business built to support FACS teachers everywhere. She is an active member of the American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences (AAFCS) and uses the knowledge and connections therein to create award-winning products.

As a teacher, I was often stymied by the lack of teaching materials available to FACS teachers. I recognized the need to bring thoughtful, relevant products and ideas directly into the classroom. Now as our profession continues to change, I'm offering this space for us to come together to chat, reflect and stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest the FACS community has to offer!

Learning ZoneXpress has a range of products built specifically for FACS Teachers to promote their classrooms and profession.



LZX MISSION: We help improve the health and vitality of young people by providing educators and professionals an easily accessible source of relevant, creative and affordable learning tools about life skills, healthy behaviors and nutrition.

To deliver this promise, we develop and publish over 1500 posters, tablets, DVDs, lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, incentives, activity books, games and toys. Every year, we add new products. Our customers have up-to-date options and choices. We deliver high quality, responsive and personalized customer service. We care deeply about educators and young people.



Michele Saylor is a new contributor, and we are so happy to have her with us. She has been a FACS teacher for 21 years. She is delighted to be in a profession that makes people’s lives more efficient, effective and enjoyable. Michele recognizes the dedication, passion and hard work it takes to be a FACS teacher. She hopes you will hop on the FACS blog bandwagon so that we all can learn from one another and make your teaching day a bit more manageable.

She has been actively involved in the MN professional organizations to include serving as president in MAFCS and FACSEd. She has published two best seller curriculums through Learning Zone Express , “The Snack Shop” and “Foods Lab Management Guide.”

She has received numerous honors for her commitment to FACS and her students to include FACS Teacher of the Year, FACS Professional of the Year, Who’s Who Among America’s Educators, Ed MN candidate for Teacher of the Year and Excellence in Education from her school district. As a recently retired teacher, she is excited to begin her encore FACS career working as an independent consultant and for a major food company.



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