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Shout out for friends in FACS!

A note to pass onto your colleagues in the FACS offices and departments...

finance50Did you happen to catch the Today Show earlier this week? The hosts, Mr. Geist and Ms. Morales, spoke about teaching finance in the schools as if it’s not currently available. We’re here to say that  Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) have been offering personal and home finance classes for decades! It’s part of the life skills curriculum that FACS practitioners and supporters find vital to an education today. At Learning ZoneXpress, we have a range of resources targeted at teaching financial literacy skills. One of our top sellers is the 50 App Activities for Financial Literacy and Independent Living collection.

The American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences is reaching out to the Today Show and the hosts to educate them on Family and Consumer Science curriculum...

The members of the American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences (AAFCS), a not-for-profit organization that represents and supports family and consumer sciences professionals and students, are passionate about preparing students to live effectively as individuals, families, members of the workforce, and public citizens making a positive impact on their communities.

More than 35,000 family and consumer sciences secondary educators teach more than 5 million students nationwide. In their courses, family and consumer sciences educators provide research-based knowledge and essential skills in the areas of personal and family finance, nutrition and wellness, human development, housing and interior design, textiles and apparel, and consumer issues.

AAFCS sent a letter to the TV show and posted it on their website to share with FACS supporters with the hope that they will in turn use it to develop more FACS supporters. We invite you to do the same by sending a note to or about the Today show. If you use the #fcsontoday @todayshow tags (in Twitter and Facebook) it will help others find and recognize your support!

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