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Spring into Easter with Fun Activities Over Candy

activeWe have a love-hate relationship with candy at Learning ZoneXpress. We like to eat it – and we approve of candy in small doses but Easter can feel like a free for all. So much candy. So early the morning. So many good lessons about healthy food hopping out the door to make room for chocolate bunnies, marshmallow chicks and jelly beans. Easter baskets brimming with sugar just seems to counter everything we work towards every other day of the year. So this year we’re striving to emphasis a spring into activity for Easter.

Part of the reason we are looking to spring is because we still have snow on the ground here! For those in southern climates the spring should be even easier. But we have faith that spring will come eventually. So we’re trading in some of our chocolate eggs for gifts that promote spring activity:

  • Jump rope – What better way to celebrate a sidewalk without ice! And did you know that jumping for just 15-20 minutes will burn off the calories from a candy bar?
  • Kite – On a windy day a kite can be a good workout - OK at 80 calories per 30 minutes you won’t get a candy bar off your belt – but kite flying can a good lesson in science and nature. How does the kite fly? And what’s the best way to keep it going?
  • Ball – softball, basketball, two-square – any kind of ball helps a kid (and a parent!) get out and move too, helps with eye-hand coordination and works up an appetite for some healthy spring vegetables.

And now that you and the kids have been active, played together and enjoyed some fresh air, you deserve a little chocolate treat!

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