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Statistics from Junior Achievement about Teen Financial Confidence

The USA News Today did a story on April 11, 2102 regarding Junior Achievements and the Allstate Foundation survey results on teen financial confidence. This information would be useful for FACS teachers to use to support the requirement of their financial literacy classes during a curriculum review process or to use within the financial literacy curriculum with your students. One of the highlights of the survey is that only 56% of 14-18 year olds think that they will be as financially well off or better than their parents. This was a 37% drop from 2011. Check out the story to find out more details on the survey. There are also some learning activities offered by Allstate for parents to do with their children. This would be a super extension activity for your students.

I did not find the highlights of the survey on the Junior Achievement website. However, if you want to look at other articles about the same topic, do a web search on Junior Achievement Teen Financial Confidence Survey and a number of news resources will be listed.

Thanks to Lois Lewis for sending this information out to MAFCS.

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