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Stories From The Classroom...

Sometimes I'm a bit amazed by what some of my students glean (or don't glean!) from my teaching. Here are a few true stories from my FACS classroom:

"I can't make up a lab at home unless it involves the microwave.  We only cook at home in the microwave."

"I don't know what to do about measuring things at home when I cook, we don't have measuring cups and measuring spoons.  Where do you get them?"

"I introduced a lesson explaining that students would be cooking on the stove top and need their small sauce pan.  Students got their ingredients and supplies.  As I walked around the room I found one group using a metal bowl cooking on the stove top. 

I gently asked, why are you using a bowl to cook in and not a sauce pan (yes kitchen tools and equipment were discussed in the classroom)?  Answered with a question, "Does it matter, it's metal?"  Yes it does.  It is different metal, you could burn yourself working with something that does not have a handle, and the shape of the bowl makes it less sturdy on the stove top.  Let's use pans for cooking and bowls for mixing."

Do you have similar stories? I'd love to hear...


3 thoughts on “Stories From The Classroom...”

  • Clarissa Marchalk
    Clarissa Marchalk May 26, 2011 at 9:15 am

    Nutrition & Food Science class
    Home Cooking Project
    The day after a conversation with a student about his inability to complete his home cooking project because he said they never use their kitchen and have no cooking utensils, pots, measuring equipment. He insisted they eat out all the time and have not cooked at all since they moved into their new house a few years back. I recommended he go home and talk to Mom and if it was still an issue Mom could give me a call.
    Next day he returns with this response. "Miss....I talked to my mom and she opened the cabinets and showed me what we have. You should see all the cooking stuff we have! We even have a brand new set of pans my mom says she has never used. She said I can use anything I want. I am cooking dinner tonight. I never knew we had all that stuff. We even have one of those cool, big white machines like you have in the kitchens, the ones we made bread and cookies with."
    Gotta love it!! Best part he far exceeded the project and cooked multiple meals that week. Hopefully he is still cooking.

  • Kari

    Sadly, we share a hot water heater with our school locker rooms and once in a while, near the end of the day, we run out of hot water to do dishes. I advised my class (6th graders - their first lab) to heat up some water in a pot on the stove or in our 2 quart pyrex bowls in the microwave. One girl comes running to me, "we heard a loud pop and it smells like something is burning!" they had put a large stock pot, filled with water in the microwave for 5 minutes! The pop they heard was one of the plastic handles exploding! When I told them we dont' put metal in the microwave and asked why not put it on the stove, I got the same response as above... "Does it matter?" Fortunately, nobody got hurt, the microwave survived and we eventually got hot water...from the stove!

    But I have a question for you all. I've complained to my custodian several times about our sometimes lack of hot water and my concern over sanitation. He told me, based on meetings he's been to, the water temperature isn't as important - it's the adequate use of soap that will get the dishes clean. I disagree! I feel like calling in the health department. Anyone??

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