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Summer, a Time for Healthy Beverages!

Summer is a great time full of activities, sweat and hydrating with a big glass of 'ol (insert your favorite beverage here).

During the summer there are lot of cookouts and gatherings, which means lots of food and lots of drinks. We are well aware there are calories in food, but don't forget the calories in beverages can add up as well. Looking for some resources? Learning zoneXpress has a video for you!

Obesity in a Bottle II: How to Pick Healthy Beverages Video

Empty calories from sugar and fat found in many favorite beverages are adding inches to Americans' waistlines and may be contributing to rising rates of chronic disease. View five informative video segments offering suggestions for healthy beverage selections featuring Susan Moores, RD.

Topics include:

• How to pick "good" drinks for kids
• Best beverages if you're watching your weight
• How to pick healthful beverages
• How to pick the right drink for sports and athletic performance
• Busting caffeine myths

Run time: 26 minutes
Audience: Grade 9 - Adult


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