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Supporting Worksite Wellness - HealthSource Solutions

Wellness is at the center of living a quality and productive life. By spending time with others who share in this belief and support healthy behaviors, wellness can become a natural way of life for everyone!

People spend a significant amount of time at the workplace and companies who create a culture around wellness see employees who are healthier, happier and more productive. An environment that supports healthy behaviors creates healthy people. A strategic wellness plan will improve employee wellness and companies can play a significant role in helping employees’ live healthy lives!

The HealthSource Solutions team is dedicated to helping companies create a culture of wellness. They offer health awareness programs and services and help companies support employees in achieving a healthy lifestyle. HealthSource Solutions understands the value of employee wellness. The solutions they offer help impact company healthcare costs. By reducing health risk factors, a reduction in costs tends to follow.

The HealthSource Solutions team practices what they preach. In October of 2012, they piloted their newest behavior change campaign, Stand Up For Health. The goal of the program is to decrease sitting time and increase standing time. The program really changed the way they work! Some invested in an adjustable device for their computers, allowing them to elevate or lower their work station throughout the day, while most just rustled up some cardboard boxes to plunk monitor, keyboard and mouse on, creating a make-shift standing work station. The results: more energy, better concentration and an improved feeling of well being overall. Even when the program ended, everyone continued the new standing habits!

Check out the HealthSource Solutions website to see what services and programs are best suited for your work environment.

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