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Teaching Tough Topics

Death is a tough topic that we need to help others through. 

When I was at Stout, many moons ago, we had an elective course called "Death and Dying".  I took that course because of experiences that I had in high school. 

As difficult as it sounds, death has never been a topic that I have been afraid to discuss. I attribute that to one night in my small town and a tour that we had that evening.  My FCCLA (then FHA) had the local funeral home owner talk to us about death and then he took us on a tour of "everything" at the funeral home.  It helped give me such a strong understanding of death that it has stayed with me for a lifetime. 

It is my hope that we as educators might be able to recognize the importance of death and dying and the affect that it has on each of us.  We spend hours teaching about the beginning of life but often forget to deal with the journey of at life's end. 

Many times the topic only receives silence when brought up because it so difficult to face.

What are some of the teaching tools that you use when it comes to dying and death?

Do you think it is an important topic to teach?


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