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Technology in the FCS Classroom

Technology is changing faster and faster as time goes on.  My 51 year old brain has trouble keeping up but I sure try hard to stay current.  Students notice when you are the last to use new technology in your classroom.  This year it has been blackboard, smart board, campus changes, new web pages, my learning plan, i observations…….all with different passwords of course.  Whew!

Our field is ripe for development in smart board (an interactive whiteboard) activities.  Think of the activities you can do with pattern part recognition in textiles, kitchen measurement and kitchen tool games in foods class, floor plan activities in housing and interior design and life stage development activities in child development classes. 

Please share some of your ideas in the comment section.  I know Miss Melanie loves, loves, loves to work with leaders in FACS curriculum activity development that are on the cutting edge of education.


One thought on “Technology in the FCS Classroom”

  • Cherry Cramer

    I can so relate to the changing technology. I am still trying to motivate myself to put pictures on Facebook. I learned how to download pictures this summer and email them to people (without help!). That was huge for me. I also learned how to scan documents, save them to my computer and then email them .... such as recipes. Again .. huge for me!

    I wont' have a Smartboard in my classroom this year... but I will have to find ways to utilize the computer in a foods lab classroom- beyond looking up recipes.

    How do others have students use a computer in a foods lab? I would appreciate hearing all the ways people are using technology in a foods lab. Happy Summer everyone... 4 weeks left.

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