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Teens Activity Online: a Pew Report

Last week Pew Internet & American Life released a report on teens and social media. This may seem a bit off our beaten track but in today’s world healthy choices extend to the online world because teens are living online. According to Pew…

Fully 95% of all teens ages 12-17 are now online and 80% of those online teens are users of social media sites.

Teens are the most likely age demographic to be online –and 70 percent of those surveyed go online every day. Facebook was overwhelmingly the most popular social media web site used. But the report wasn’t just about quantity; the researchers really looked at what’s happening online.

It turns out that 88 percent of social media using teens have seen people be mean online. About 15 percent felt that they had been the target of online cruelty. The most popular reaction to witnessing online meanness was to ignore the situation (95 percent) but 84 percent reported having seen people come to the defense of the targets of meanness. The news wasn’t all bad for online activity however, according to the report…

More teens report positive personal outcomes than negative ones from interactions on social network sites: 78% report at least one good outcome and 41% report at least one negative outcome.

But one question we have to ask as parents and teachers is: how are students learning to behave online? Here is the answer according to the Pew Report:

For general advice and influence, parents are still the top source for teen internet and cell phone users. However, teens receive advice from a wide array of sources.

  • 86% of online and cell phone-using teens say they have received general advice about how to use the internet responsibly and safely from their parents.
  • 70% of online and cell-using teens say they have gotten advice about internet safety from teachers or another adult at school.
  • 45% have received advice from friends or classmates, 45% have received general advice from an older relative, and 46% have received internet safety advice from a brother, sister, or cousin.
  • 58% of teen internet and cell phone users say their parents have been the biggest influence on what they think is appropriate or inappropriate when using the internet or a cell phone.
  • 18% of teens say their friends have been their biggest influence on appropriate internet or cell phone behavior.
  • 18% say “no one” has influenced them.

Do you feel qualified to lead your teens through murky water of social media? Learning ZoneXpress has range of Internet safety products that can help, including a DVD and Activity set that may help you and your teen: Staying Safe Online: Digital Footprint DVD and Activity Packet. It helps you protect the kids in your life – whether in the classroom or at home. .

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