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The Home Ec (FACS) Debate Rises Again

promoting-facs-guideAbout a week ago, the Boston Globe ran an Editorial by Ruth Graham (Bring back home ec!) that promoted FACS promoted Home Ec but sort of fell short of recognizing the potential of FACS education as it is taught today – and could be taught in the future. SO we were delighted to see Mother Jones pick on the thread with a recent article from Tom Philpott.

Philpott recognizes that he may not have had the stellar FACS education but that recognizes the potential. His last paragraph gets to the root issue and reason for a FACS revival (yes – I know many of us have been living FACS for many years but a mainstream revival would be nice!)…

The main obstacle between where we are now and home ec nirvana is funding, as Graham notes. Public school systems are so strapped that they're already slashing equally worthy classes like art, music, and PE. But producing generation upon generation of people who don't know how to feed themselves healthily or manage their finances is generating massive, cascading societal costs—and the pennies we pinch by not revitalizing home ec seem like a classic false economy, much like those boxed cakes the food industry was already peddling by 1957.

At Learning ZoneXpress we applaud the appreciation of FACS as an investment in tomorrow’s generation. And we’ve found that often it can also help today’s generation too – as students go home and share the lessons of healthy living with their parents.

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