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The Importance of Staying Hydrated this Holiday Season!

Staying hydrated can feel nearly impossible with the abundance of holiday obligations.  Water plays such a major role in the functioning of your body and even makes up over half of your body weight.  Drinking enough water can help you avoid headaches, getting sick, weight gain, and so much more.  Ever the more reasons to get plenty of fluids.

Why is Water So Important:?

  • Water makes up 83% of your blood and protects your body organs and tissues.
  • Water helps regulate body temperature through sweat and respiration.
  • Water moisturizes the air in your lungs and moistens mucous membranes including your mouth, nose, and eyes.
  • Water hydrates and moisturizes your skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Water plays a major role in the digestion of food.
  • Water lubricates and cushions your joints.


These are just a few of the many benefits of drinking enough water.  All of these benefits are very beneficial, especially this time of year.

Easy Ways to Up Your Water Game:

  • Flavor It: Add fruit slices like oranges, strawberries, or herbs like mint to give your glass some personality.
  • Eat It: Many healthy foods have a high amount of water.  Try cucumbers, oranges, tomatoes or yogurt.
  • Track It: Find a water-tracking app on your phone.
  • Make it a Routine: Make a habit of drinking a glass of water with your meals.  Fill a reusable water bottle to take with you, better yet find one that matches your style and personality.
  • Brew Some Tea: Herbal tea can help warm you up and keep you hydrated on a cold day.


The amount of water needed per day is different for everyone.  A good rule of thumb is to drink whenever you feel thirsty.  If your urine is clear or light yellow, it is a good indicator that you are drinking enough.  Dark yellow or golden urine is a sign of dehydration-Drink Up!

These simple, mindful tips will help you stay healthy and hydrated this holiday season.  For more information and to share this with your clients check out our Water:  The Foundation of a Healthy Body Handouts.


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