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If you or your clients are looking for a fun, interactive nutrition and health app, check out Fooducate.

Fooducate is all about making better choices by informing consumers. With Fooducate, the user scans a product barcode and gets a rating (A+, A, B, etc.) for the food. The ratings are based on a variety of factors like nutrients, ingredients, and processing. Along with the rating, Fooducate will also offer alternatives, so the user can swap a C for a B+ at the grocery store.

Fooducate offers more information on the scanned item from a variety of reference points. For example there might be an explanation of whole grain vs. multi-grain or information on the term ‘natural’ not being regulated. Often these tidbits of information include a link, so the user can read more.

Fooducate also maintains lists which can function as food frequency diaries or conversation starters with you, the nutrition professional. So say your client swapped a C for a B+ while shopping, but isn’t quite sure why the ratings apply. The list with the rating becomes a conversation starter at their next visit with you. The lists can also be used as an electronic means of tracking favorite foods.

Fooducate has over 160,000 products in its database and some very interesting Daily Tips. If you're interested in getting started, download Fooducate to your iPhone or Android for free. If you currently use Fooducate and have any fun tips or info to share, please comment below.

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