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Time to Revive Home Ec - spurring discussion

Earlier this week in the Melanie's Corner blog, LZX wrote about the recent NY Times editorial – Time to Revive Home Ec. We have been amazed at the response it has received this week. I'm sure many readers will agree - it's excited to see Family and Consumer Science get such attention. It's a good time to emphasize healthy eating and life skills lessons at all ages.

On Tuesday, Helen Veit, the author of the recent NY Times article was interviewed on Talk of the Nation. You can listen to it or read it online. There are some great comments and stories.

Veit makes the point that FACS is necessary and broad reaching…

I think there's a, sort of, vacuum of basic life skills, including balancing the checkbook, organizing your bills. What I do know is that the cooking part of it is what I think should be addressed first. And then perhaps from there, these other life skills could be incorporated.

It’s an important aspect of promoting FACS – helping the general public (parents, students, future FACS teachers) understand that healthy habits mean nutrition and eating- but it also means budgets, management,career development and so much more.

We’ve also see a lot of discussion on this article in FACS listservs, such as the NASAFACS listserv. In fact, there was a great example of a passionate FACS teacher who had written to Ms. Veit about her experience teaching more than 3000 FACS students. Ms. Veit’s response was encouraging…

It sounds like you're teaching absolutely wonderful classes. I wish all students in the country got to take classes like yours. It's great to hear that in some places such programs are going strong.

I like to think that growing attention on FACS will help to highlight the FACS teachers who are passionate, dedicated, engaging and doing a great job teaching healthy eating and health life skills. And we know who we are!

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