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Tips from Alonzo Avocado: How to incorporate avocados into your diet!

Alonzo Avocado, kid's mascot for healthy eatingLove avocados? Alonzo, LZX's Avocado Garden Hero, has five tips for incorporating them into your diet!

Always keep your favorite kitchen tools on deck. That way, you can create delicious go-to avocado recipes in a breeze. Some great tools to keep handy are a knife, immersion blender, and food processor. Simply organize your countertop around these tools and maintain a neat working area, and prep work or making soups will no longer be a chore.

Chop time off the busy work. Buy pre-prepped ingredients so you can save time on prep work and stay motivated to cook healthy meals for yourself. Next time you’re at the supermarket, opt for the chopped garlic, julienned vegetables, or minced onion to add to your favorite guacamole recipe, so that you can spend less time preparing your meal and more time savoring it.

Get savvy with avocados. Wish you could have creamy pasta more? You can! Swap the pasta cream sauce with avocado, Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper for the same great taste with fewer calories. This chef savvy swap will nourish you with a healthy boost of the ‘good’ fats and nearly 20 vitamins and nutrients.

Crack open an avocado in no time. Simply slice, twist, and pop. Slice the avocado lengthwise and continue all the way around. Twist the avocado halves away from each other to release them from the pit. Pop the pit out by twisting your knife on the pit.

Make it a family affair. Get your kids interested in cooking and eating healthy at an early age. Leave rinsing the avocado up to the young, stirring the ingredients to the tweens, and chopping the fresh ingredients to the adolescents. Your family will appreciate the art of healthy cooking so much more!

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