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Tips to Build a Balanced Bag Lunch for the New Year!

A new year usually means a fresh start to begin smart healthy behavior goals.  An easy goal to start with is to “Build a Balanced Bag Lunch”.  What does a balanced bag lunch look like?

1/2 Vegetables & Fruits + ¼ Whole Grains +1/4 Lean Protein add 1 Serving of Low-fat Dairy = 1 Balanced Bag

Why Pack Your Lunch?

  • Save money by not stopping at fast food restaurants or the convenience store.
  • Make more nutritious choices by controlling your portion size, amount of fat and calories, and ingredients.

Easy Lunch Ideas:

  • Change up your bread and assemble your favorite sandwich using pita bread, a sandwich wrap, or tortilla.
  • Take your favorite sandwich fillings and add them to chopped lettuce for a salad.
  • Make a pasta salad with leftover pasta, chopped vegetables, canned tune or cooked chicken, and a drizzle of salad dressing.
  • Fill a container with raw vegetables and include hummus.
  • Eat breakfast for lunch by layering sliced fruit, yogurt, and granola.
  • Enjoy leftovers from last night’s meal.
  • Think about your drink-save calories and money by choosing to drink water with your lunch.


For more balanced bag lunch meal ideas and tips to share with your clients, check out our: 1 Balanced Lunch Bag Handouts.

Eating a healthy lunch is important for so many reasons!  We’d love to hear how you plan to eat healthy lunches this year.  Share your tips and ideas.


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