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Top Selling Education Videos of 2012

OK maybe you won’t see these movie stars out on the red carpet – but we thought it would be fun to give a nod to the Learning ZoneXpress top selling educational videos of 2012. Each video includes a YouTube Sneak Preview!

3. Child Development Theorists DVD

Beginning with Sigmund Freud, modern child development theories have changed the way that parents raise their children and the way that teachers teach those children. This video is an entertaining and enlightening view of the major child development theorists, how the theories differ, and how more than one approach can be beneficial. Historical footage and photos are combined with candid documentary footage from day care centers in this informative video.

Theorists presented include:
Sigmund Freud
Maria Montessori
Arnold Gesell
Lev Vygotsky
Jean Piaget
Rudolf Dreikurs
Erik Erikson
Abraham Maslow
John Bowlby
B. F. Skinner
Benjamin Spock
Lawrence Kohlberg
T. Berry Brazelton
Diana Baumrind
Howard Gardner

  • Appropriate for grades 9-adult. Teaching materials included. 21 min. Closed Captioned.
  • Price: $79.95

2. MyPlate Dietary Guidelines for Elementary Students DVD

Registered Dietitian Melissa Halas-Liang shows two students how some of their favorite meals can be both delicious and nutritious by using the USDA MyPlate guidelines. Key messages for each food group are explained while the dietary guidelines are applied to a variety of favorite foods like tacos, pizza, breakfast foods, and fun snacks.

The kitchen how-to segments are interspersed with interviews of real kids eating and talking about their favorite nutritious foods!

  • Grade 1-6. Teaching materials online. 23 min.
  • Price: $49.95

1. Create a Great Plate:  DVD

When's the last time you ate off a food pyramid? The ‘Create a Great Plate MyPlate Dietary Guidelines’ DVD is based on the USDA's new MyPlate campaign. The DVD shows teens what healthy eating looks like, and tells them how to:

  1. Make at least half your grains whole
  2. Vary your veggies
  3. Focus on fruits
  4. Get your calcium-rich foods
  5. Go lean with protein
  • 20 minutes
  • Grade 6-Adult
  • Price: $79.95
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