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A Water Refresher

We hear so much about the importance of drinking water and teach this to our students. Unfortunately, a teacher’s hectic schedule can make it difficult to drink water throughout the teaching day due to limited time to go to the restroom. Our body not only loses water when we go use the restroom but when we breathe and sweat. So there is a constant need to replenish our personal water supply. Below, you'll find a great list of why it is so important for your students and YOU to drink water throughout the day. Respond to the blog and share some of your ideas of how you get enough water in your day. Please share your ideas. Don’t leave us high and dry!

• 60-70% of body weight is water
• Every system in the body depends on water
• Water dissolves minerals and other nutrients, so the body can absorb them during digestion
• Water helps to convert food to energy your body can use
• Water keeps cells hydrated, so they can function well
• Water helps to remove metabolic, food wastes, and toxins
• Water aids in the body’s circulation
• Water maintains muscle tone and prevents muscle cramps
• Water cushions vital organs
• Water provides a moist environment for nose and throat tissues
• Water regulates body temperature
• Water lubricates joints
• Staying hydrated increases a person’s energy level
• Staying hydrated reduces a person’s risk of kidney stones
• Water can help in the treatment of some skin disorders

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