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Who benefits from financial education? Millennials, girls, and credit scores!

As a teacher you often know when you’ve made a difference. You see the spark. You get the answer that’s so right it puts a new spin on a topic for you! But it’s always nice to get a little confirmation from the research. The Minnesota Credit Union has some good news…

Minnesota Credit Unions have assembled and reviewed the research to show how millennials, girls, and credit scores are benefiting from financial education such as that required in Minnesota. Here’s an example…

Students exposed to mandated personal finance education exhibit meaningful improvements in credit outcomes. Three years following the implementation of mandates in Georgia, Idaho, and Texas, severe delinquency rates for those students receiving the education declined by 2% in Georgia, 2% in Idaho, and 6% in Texas, and credit scores increased by 2%, 3%, and 5% respectively.

Learning ZoneXpress has a range of educational materials to support financial literacy because we have long thought of financial acumen as an important life skills. We know many FACS teacher include it as part of their curriculum but we’re seeing a growing number of teachers and public health specialists use our financial literacy education materials too. Here are just a couple of our top sellers:


50 App Activities for Financial
Literacy and Independent Living


financial literacy

50 Web Based Activities -
Financial Literacy


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